How Our Crack Me! Dinosaur Eggs Are Made

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Originally, I created my crack me dinosaur egg invitation for my dinosaur obsessed son's 5th birthday party. I wanted to have interactive invites ..something that the kids could hold and play with....something exciting to open....something that felt like a little piece of the prehistoric world and these completely fit the bill. The boxes are a tiny square...perfect for little hands and well, they're packages LOVE's an invitation AND a surprise!! The invitation can be removed by parents and kids can continue to play with their prehistoric egg and mini dinosaur...Wahla! a kid friendly keepsake that builds anticipation for your little one's special day.

To make the invitations, I take plastic eggs and turn them into "prehistoric stone" eggs using a combination of primer, paint and play sand. They are coated with the mixture and dried in the California sun. Once dried, the eggs are nestled in a bed of moss and packaged in their own individual kraft boxes with "Crack Me!" stamped on the inside flap. Your little invitees open the eggs to reveal a tiny dinosaur and your invitation scroll printed on paper that has been aged and burned by hand for a true "prehistoric" look. The box top "You're Invited" stickers are also designed and printed in-house. I have three options available and can also do custom stickers for orders of 30 or more.

Loved by kids and parents alike, I adore making these invitations. They are the invitation I opened my shop with and created for my own child so every dinosaur egg shipment is like a walk down memory lane. I hope you and your little one get as much joy out of them as we did.


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