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  • Can I ship my order directly to my recipients?
    Yes! You need only list your recipient's address as the "ship to" address during checkout. We often ship directly to recipients so our order packaging never includes any receipts or order information that can ruin your surprise. You will need to do separate orders for each recipient address....we can ship to 1 address per order.
  • Can I customize my message to say something completely different than what is pictured?
    Yes! All of our invitaitons and announcement eggs are 100% custom. We will create it with the message that you send with your order. For optimum asthetics, please observe the character limits listed for the product you're purchasing.
  • How do I ship my announcement eggs?
    Our real egg announcements arrive ready to gift or ship. The yare packaged in individual shipping containers that are virtually indestructable and lined with bubble wrap. You need only address the boxes and take them to the post office for mailing.
  • How do I ship the children's invitations?
    Because most children hand deliver some or all of their invitations at school and in an effort to keep prices down, we do not include shipping supplies. Shipping boxes can be purchased individually (so you can purchase only as many as you need). For your convenience, shipping boxes arrive lined with bubble wrap with your invites packaged inside. You need only tape the boxes closed, address and mail them.
  • Can I order less than 12 children's invitations?
    Unfortunately, the 12 invite minimum is firm. We try to keep them as affordable as possible and sell them per invitation so parents don't have to purchase more than they need however, 12 is the smallest batch we can make.
  • I ordered different messages for my announcement eggs. How will I tell them apart?
    Orders with multiple announcement messages will arrive with the white boxes marked on the bottom (lightly in pencil) so you can tell them apart. If you select a gift wrap option, they will arrive with tags that you can easily remove.
  • I'm ordering pregnancy announcments. Is there anything on or in the box that will spoil the surprise?
    No. Neither the shipping box or the contents reference pregnancy or announcements. We ship a lot of our orders directly to the intended recipients so we never include any receipts or order info that could potentially ruin the surprise.
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